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How Do I Decide?

It can be a hard decision to decide on live entertainment. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Number of Guests - If you are entertaining a large number of guests (i.e. 200-300), you may consider hiring a full band. If your reception is more intimate (>100), then a solo act may work better. A duo is a great middle ground if you're struggling with your budget.
  • Budget - The more people in the band, the higher the cost. An Acoustic Duo is a great median if your budget doesn’t allow for a band, but needs to be more interactive than a solo performance. A full band costs more because it requires more people, equipment and time.
  • Atmosphere - Are you going for a giant party or are you planning for family and a few friends? The band will keep people out on the dance floor all night and works well when alcohol is provided for guests. A duo performance is a great middle ground; guests can dance or chill. A solo performance works well for smaller events with no alcohol or can set a warm and relaxed atmosphere for your event. Know your guests & what type of atmosphere that may work best. Do they want to dance or relax?
  • Venue - Does the venue have a dance floor? Open bar? Does the layout allow space for a full band? The truth is, if you don’t have space for a band, then a solo or duo performance may be better suited for your event.
  • Length Of Reception - Typically in wedding receptions the biggest determining factor is usually if alcoholic beverages are served. Receptions with alcohol are usually 3-4 hours, whereas those that are not are usually 1-2 hours.


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